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A sphere and a spear act as the main characters in the lamp composition, piercing each other in midair to create an object that evokes a sensation of weightlessness, fragility and precision.Kandinsky in smoked brown. Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Location @villa_kultur. #pholc #pholcstockholm

Item No° 792 115 — Apollo 79 black ink/alu. Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur. #pholc #pholcstockholm

Shades.Item No° 511 215 — Mobil 150 wall matte black, opal glass. Designer @monika.mulder. Photo @kimmepersson. Location @studio11collective.#pholc #pholcstockholm

An energetic, graphic and bouncy pattern. Item No° 515 105 — Bounce 169. Design @monika.mulder. Photo @juhohut. Styling @annetornroos. Location @emmamuseum.#pholc #pholcstockholm

All of us at Pholc wish you a merry christmas.Design @monika.mulder. Photo @notedesignstudio. Styling @notedesignstudio. Location James & Perra Studios. #pholc #pholcstockholm

Machine-turned from a solid piece of brass.Kandinsky. Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur. #pholc #pholcstockholm

Kandinsky. Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur