About us


Stockholm. Sophisticated. Expressive. Updated.

Based in the Swedish values of design. The name Pholc tells about our heritage, as well as our vision to look forward. To be progressive.

Pholc represents a timeless and updated aesthetic approach to design. We create expressions for private and public spaces that last.

We are a Swedish design brand founded in 2015.


Our vision is to develop design where the aesthetics plays a central role. Where the Scandinavian design language is a starting point that we match with new perspectives. New perspectives that we call exiting meetings.

The exiting meetings are created by our talent designers that we have teamed up with. Designers with a strong, independent expression. Who creates with an approach for a long term use. Designers who can portray the exciting meeting between what is them and what is Pholc.

We have the ambition to develop lamps for modern spaces, based on good design and good quality. With the ambition to make Scandinavian design assessable for those who appreciate it.

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