Sales Agent/representative Sweden

10 Sep, 2020

Acclaimed Swedish lighting brand Pholc is looking for a new Sales Agent/representative for the Swedish market.

About you

Covering the contract and home interiors retail sectors, you have a background in sales within the design industry and the contacts to match. You know the differences and nuances of selling to contract dealers, designers and architects, but also the best ways to engage retail outlets as we grow and strengthen Pholc in Sweden.

You’re entrepreneurial and capable of operating with freedom and responsibility to hit sales targets and create new opportunities to onboard new clients into the world of Pholc. You’ve a deep understanding of how the design market works but are proactive in creating and identifying new ways of selling.

About Pholc

Pholc is a lighting design company with its roots in classic Scandinavian lighting and a progressive, directional outlook. We collaborate with a roster of talented designers to create expressive, elegant pieces with distinctive charisma.

Our products are produced to the highest quality and we look to bring together suppliers, designers and employees together as a family of individuals who share our passion. As our sales agent for our homeland, your role will be more than sales. You’ll be a proud standard bearer for everything we stand for and everything we do. An ambassador and our link to our customers and clients.


Susan Steiner

Pholc AB

tel +46 72 090 28 08