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With the light source seamlessly integrated in the spear and trapped in a sphere Kandinsky evokes a feeling of weightlessness and precision.Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

Light grey and winter white. Apollo comes in eight different colors and in three sizes. Apollo stands by itself but can also be combined in a group with various colors and sizes.Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

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Donna gives a feeling of soft pleated textile although the material is of thin aluminium. The hardness of the metal and the illusion of softness creates a head turning contrast.Design Nina Jobs & Stina Sandwall. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Styling from @gubiofficial. Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

Donna is award winning Nina Jobs and Stina Sandwall’s first collaboration with Pholc. The lamp comes in two different sizes and in the colors autumn leaves, black ink, blush and linen.Design Nina Jobs & Stina Sandwall. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

Apollo has a very high sense of material presence, made from a solid piece of brass or aluminium with a raw surface. Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

The assemble of conical shapes that balance on each other emphasize the downward force in a pendant lamp and create both dynamic and static expression.Design @brobergridderstrale. Photo @enokholsegaard. Styling Styling from @c_ro.copenhagen, @newworksdk. Location @villa_kultur.#pholc #pholcstockholm #scandinaviandesign #villakultur

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